Once upon a time,  there was a family who loved to eat,  laugh and drink
coffee.   lots and lots of coffee . . .


Like all other families, this family had a dark secret which they (unsuccessfully) tried to hide from other decent people on the planet.  Their ancestors were part of a strong bloodline of caffeine addicts; for generations and generations this dependence was genetically passed on and up to this day there is still no known cure or remedy for this condition.

Thus, this family’s passion for coffee, their love for music,
food and fun had to evolve into a coffee shop- it was almost inevitable - it was fate!  They had never tried to side step anything that was destined for them and hence, Village Café was born.

Naturally every member of the family had their own strong ideas concerning   everything about this coffee shop.

The differences in opinions were fiercely and relentlessly debated and defended with everything being of equal importance.  Whether it was about something as irreversible as the plaster on the walls or something as seemingly trivial as the
name of our founder member - which just so happened to be a chicken!

So, it is obvious that the creation of Village Café was not like the mere starting of a business; it was more like being ground in a coffee grinder or having a large truck run over you again and again. The only thing that kept everybody sane was the one facet which kept them together in the past and would be the glue that would unite them together in the future - the fact that they knew . . .

IT IS ALL ABOUT THE COFFEE!! . . . and ”life is much too important to be taken seriously”!  ~ Oscar Wilde