The food on our menu is prepared fresh in our tiny kitchen by our not-so-tiny staff.
(Our policy is never trust a skinny cook!) We do not believe in pre-mixes and instant potions:  grandma’s and ma’s recipes prevail.


Our menu is straightforward and unpretentious:  you will find no corporate matching cutlery and crockery here with imprinted logo’s; no intricate garnishings; foreign grasses and flowery arrangements on the plate  – just honest, down-to-earth traditional cooking and servings. 

We have all kinds of STUFF

Hot Stuff:
COFFEE in all it’s different forms – cino’s, spresso’s, lattes and more.
If coffee isn’t your cup of tea – we have different TEAS as well,  even herbal ones!

Cool Stuff:
The juices; the ice teas; the shakes and yes . . . the beers and wines.

Breakfast Stuff:
Breakfast are only served between opening and closing time everyday!
The basics, the healthy stuff, the toasteds and Brotchens feature here. 

Lite Stuff:
The pancakes and the salads:  all our salads are extremely environmentally friendly. 

Sweet Stuff and Cakes:
Carrot cake (if in season), Traditional Tipsy Tart or Milk tart, or whatever inspires the cook that day.
The Scone, muffin or fresh fruit salad: .... Some things you share with a loved one, some things you eat before they get there . . . 
Some of the items on our menu  take a little longer to prepare like the waffles and flapjacks: but boy – are they worth the weight

SPECIALS:  We have lunch specials everyday and sometimes even a thick, homemade soup served with the biggest slice of home-made bread (Ma-se-Brood) you have ever seen. 

DOGGY MENU:  Mouthwatering bites for your canine like the  “Quarter Hounder”, our world famous “Poochie Woochie” and our Mick Wagger's favourite - the "Rolling Bones".   This menu is pupdated every week and is extremely paw-pular. 

THERMAL Mugs:  A must for the traveller! If you dont have the hots for cold coffee, get the Village mug and your coffee on-the-go will warm your soul.